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MoreVent has been established and trusted in Southeastern PA for over 25 years, and our expert HVAC technicians are essential to that success. These are NATE-certified technicians who have been extensively trained and have a wealth of experience. They deliver superior workmanship on a consistent basis and pride themselves on exemplary customer service and care.

Why Choose Our HVAC Technicians

There are many handymen and other independent contractors in our region who offer HVAC services, but they don’t have the expertise and resources our HVAC technicians do. When you hire us, you do so with the confidence that we’re going to use high-quality parts and materials and complete all work in accordance with local codes, safety guidelines, and manufacturer requirements. You also enjoy the peace of mind knowing that we’re going to continue being here to stand behind our work.

Experienced HVAC Technicians

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Reliable HVAC Installation & Replacement
Reliable HVAC Installation & Replacement

MoreVent has expert system installers who know how to select and size the ideal HVAC equipment for a home and install it in a manner that is going to provide comfort and energy efficiency for many years to come. If you need to replace an old system, our HVAC technicians can upgrade your home with similar but newer equipment, but we also perform conversions. These include transitioning from electric to natural gas and converting a traditional air conditioner and furnace pairing to a heat pump with auxiliary heat.

Reliable HVAC Repairs & Tune-ups
Reliable HVAC Repairs & Tune-Ups

Our HVAC technicians also provide a full range of maintenance and repair services for all makes and models new and old. If you need a repair, you can schedule a service appointment, but we also offer around-the-clock emergency services, including weekends and holidays, for those heating and cooling problems that can’t wait. You can also count on us to perform the preventative repairs that keep your HVAC equipment running well and lower your long-term costs.

The Systems Our HVAC Technicians Service

Our HVAC technicians are skilled and experienced with the many different HVAC technologies used in homes throughout our service area. These include central air, furnaces, heat pumps, ductless mini-splits, boilers, and indoor air quality equipment.

Central Air

Central air conditioning provides consistent and comfortable temperatures throughout an entire home. This is accomplished through a blower that forces air through ducts and out into the living spaces.

Ductless Systems

Ductless mini-splits blow air directly into the living spaces rather than through ducts. A ductless air conditioner provides cooling while a ductless heat pump provides both heating and cooling.

Heat Pump

A heat pump is similar to a central air conditioner except that it has a reversing valve that lets it heat as well as cool. Heat pumps are often paired with backup furnaces for auxiliary heating.


Forced-air furnaces remain the most common way to heat homes in DE and PA. A natural gas furnace is preferable if you have the option, but electric, propane, and heating oil furnaces are also available.

Indoor Air Quality Systems

IAQ systems include whole-house air purifiers that reduce indoor pollution levels. Our HVAC technicians also work with mechanical ventilation systems and whole-house dehumidifiers and humidifiers.


Hydronic heating systems, including both hot water and steam boilers, provide heat without blowing air thus affecting IAQ. Common endpoints for boilers include radiators and radiant panels.

Free On-Site Consultations Available

If you have questions about your HVAC equipment and are unsure whether you need to replace or repair it, MoreVent is happy to send our HVAC technicians to your home to perform a comprehensive inspection. Once the inspection is complete, we can provide you with a professional assessment, answer any questions that you may have, and give you free, accurate estimates for any work that you’re considering.

Trusted HVAC Maintenance Plans

Trusted HVAC Maintenance Plans

MoreVent recommends seasonal maintenance for your HVAC equipment. It’s likely required by your HVAC warranty and a good idea even if it isn’t because it will help minimize both your short-term and long-term heating and cooling costs. To help you save money and make it easy to maintain your maintenance schedule, we offer our Family Plan. It includes two high-performance tune-ups a year performed by our HVAC technicians, guaranteed priority service, a 15% discount on all repairs, and a $100 cumulative discount on HVAC replacement for each year you’re a plan member.

MoreVent Offers Financing Options Too

MoreVent has partnered with Service Finance to offer our customers financing options that make HVAC and plumbing upgrades more affordable and easier to budget. Both short-term and long-term repayment plans are available, and you can have multiple services performed by our HVAC technicians and plumbers included in a single loan.

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Our HVAC technicians are the best reason to choose MoreVent because they’re not only experts but local tradespeople who value honesty, integrity, and hard work. Contact us today to schedule your appointment or to learn more about the services our HVAC technicians provide.