Choose the Carrier 25HBC5 for Your Home

Comfort series heat pumps are designed simply to be reliable, efficient and affordable. As a heat pump they give you the benefit of summer cooling along with cooler season heating. This very affordable Comfort series model offers efficiency high enough to be ENERGY STAR® qualified.

Be sure to pair this outdoor model with the right, SEER-boosting indoor furnace or air handler to gain the most efficiency.

Carrier 25HBC5 Heat Pump

DX16SA Technical Specifications

Initial Cost $
Overall Efficiency ENERGY STAR® certified
Cooling SEER Up to 15
Cooling EER Up to 12.5
Heating HSPF Up to 8.5
Compressor Type Single-stage
Sound Level (As Low As) 69 decibels
Silencer System II Design Not applicable
Compressor Sound Blanket Not applicable