February 2, 2017

Club Members Pay Zero Overtime Fees

Problems happen all times of the day and all days of the week, including holidays. That’s something that can’t be controlled. At MoreVent, our Club Members will never pay overtime fees, no matter what time of day they need service.
Many companies say they don’t charge overtime fees, but when the technician gets to your home, all of a sudden there’s a trip charge or the diagnostic fee is double what it would’ve been during regular hours. As a Club Member, that’s not going to happen. You pay the same whether it happens at 9am or 9pm.
In addition, you’re going to speak to a live person, when you call us after hours. That person will take your information, and forward it to a manager, who will typically call you back within five minutes. We have access to your system’s history, so we can evaluate the situation and get someone to you as quickly as possible.
Our Club Members also get priority service. 98% of the time, you’ll receive service within 24 hours of calling MoreVent. Our most loyal clients have helped us build our business, and we believe whole-heartedly in making sure we thank them by being there when they need us.
A Club Membership with MoreVent comes with peace of mind, knowing that whenever you have a problem, and I really mean whenever, you’ll never see an overtime bill.

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