April 6, 2021

Eco-friendly Plumbing Tips for Earth Day

Every moment, our earth provides an abundance of energy to help us move throughout our day. It’s up to us to protect the place we call home. How can we do this? By doing all we can to be environmentally friendly. At MoreVent, every day is Earth Day! Helping our Chester, Montgomery and Delaware counties families be as blissful and green as possible is our mission. It doesn’t stop at recycling. Here are our top three tips for eco-friendly plumbing beyond April 22.

Flush mindfully

Although it may seem convenient, small products should never be flushed down the toilet. Since our toilets are really only meant to handle two things, anything more can create a blockage in your system. Paper and cotton products appear to dissolve immediately, but in reality, they accumulate in your pipes and can cause damage over time. To ensure an optimal flow, encourage your loved ones to think twice before flushing inappropriate substances.

Invest in a new water heater

An initial cheaper investment is not always the best when it comes to choosing a water heater. Traditional water heaters are lower in price but usually lead to higher energy bills over time. This is due to the fact that their tank reserves operate constantly, even when not needed. At MoreVent, we offer tankless and heat pump water heaters. Both options pay for themselves in minimal time through energy savings. To choose what’s a good fit for your family, learn more about our options.

Use low-flow

In addition to an efficient water heater, plumbing fixtures further support maintaining an eco-friendly home. A standard shower fixture uses at least 2.5 gallons of water per minute, while a low-flow showerhead uses less than 2 gallons per minute. Varying from fixture to fixture, the volume of water produced from a low-flow showerhead will always be the most energy-efficient choice.

Flushing with care, upgrading your water heater, and using low-flow are just some of the ways to be eco-friendly in your home. These small steps help our environment shift positively. Interested in learning about more ways to up the energy-efficiency in your home? Call us at 1-610-257-7702 for more information!

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