May 4, 2017

Why Join the Club Membership?

There are several benefits that make our Club Membership a great investment for your home, but one of the biggest benefits is your annual system tune-up.
We are very proactive in making sure your annual cleaning get gets done every year to prevent unexpected breakdowns. When you join the club, you get that cleaning at a significantly reduced rate. For less than a dollar a day, you’re getting total coverage.
Our Club Membership entitles our clients to guaranteed service appointments. When it’s really hot out or really cold, we get fairly inundated with calls. Our Club Members receive service before any new client.
In addition, on weekends, holidays, and after hours, you do not pay an increased diagnostic fee or overtime charges. You also get an annual credit toward the replacement of your system and receive ten percent discount on all plumbing services.
Call us and join our Club Membership at 1-610-257-7702.

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