January 7, 2021

Make Your Home Smarter in the New Year

With 2021 upon us, it’s time to update your home’s HVAC system. Did you know that you can create a smart HVAC system in your home using technologies such as programmable thermostats and sensors? Here are MoreVent’s tips for making your home smarter this new year. 

Understanding smart HVAC systems

Smart HVAC systems include automated controls and advanced equipment that improve HVAC performance and efficiency. Smart devices such as thermostats and sensors work with your home’s Wi-Fi network and a smartphone app to communicate wirelessly with your HVAC system. This technology allows the system to automatically adjust itself based on a number of custom settings and schedules.

Smart HVAC technologies save energy, help avoid costly breakdowns and improve your system’s efficiency. Here are a few types of smart HVAC technologies to consider.

Smart thermostats

A smart thermostat is a great home investment. This technology functions based on your preferences and automates the changing of temperature by detecting your presence in the home. This lowers your utility bills by ensuring that your HVAC system consumes less energy when you’re not around.

Smart thermostats come with a smart phone app that allows you to keep watch of your home and make adjustments to the temperature from anywhere. Additionally, a smart thermostat can immediately notify you of any power outages or temperature fluctuations within your home. This equipment is user-friendly and designed to be energy-efficient, ultimately saving you money. 

<h2>Smart environmental sensors</h2>

While smart thermostats are useful, they can’t tell you the exact condition of your HVAC system. With smart environmental sensors, your system can send you warnings about abnormal activity or possible equipment malfunctions. With their predictive abilities, smart environmental sensors could completely eliminate HVAC system breakdowns.

Smart vents

Consider equipping your home with smart vents. These are automated air registers that open and close to control airflow from your HVAC system to specific rooms of your home based on your programmed preferences.

Smart vents have motors that automatically open or close air registers to redirect flow as you require. Smart vents work together with motion sensors to detect activity within the rooms of your home, and smart thermostats, to automatically adjust the HVAC system based on your desired temperature. This technology is convenient to use and saves on energy costs by heating or cooling specific rooms only while they’re in use.

Invest in your home this new year by making your HVAC system smarter. No matter what kind of technology you choose, MoreVent has you covered for all of your installation needs. Call us at 1-610-257-7702 to schedule service today!

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