December 1, 2020

The History of Indoor Heat

Have you ever stopped to think how fortunate we are to have warmth at our fingertips? Keeping our loved ones comfortable wasn’t always as easy as it is today. Over the years, new advances have become readily available, enabling us to heat our homes in a safer and more convenient way. Follow MoreVent as we see how your Southeast Pennsylvania home came to be by traveling back in time:

Ancient ancestors

Throughout history, humans have always found a way to protect themselves from harsh environmental conditions and predators. Our early ancestors used fire to sustain themselves, later progressing to the use of hearths inside of open structures. This was the most common way of keeping warm and cooking, alongside underfloor heating, until the 14th century.

The chimney

No major breakthroughs occurred until the 12th century when the chimney first made an appearance. Quickly, the fireplace began to replace all hearths, equipped with ventilation through a hole in the center of the roof. The use of multiple fireplaces was possible due to the advances in chimney designs.

The stove

The chimney remained the indoor heating star until the 17th century. The reason many people adopted the stove was due to its safe and efficient nature. The introduction of the base-burner stove and the airtight stove only added to the popularity of this heating method.

Heating breakthroughs

The 19th century was full of indoor heating advancements. Boilers, radiators, steam and hot water to heat homes became very big after the Civil War. Larger facilities and public places were typically equipped with steam heating, while homes had low-pressure hot radiators. The invention of a steel coal-fired furnace was later introduced, removing the need to huddle around the stove or fireplace to keep warm.

Air systems

By the time the 20th century arrived, people had a plethora of heating options from which to choose. Boilers and furnaces were now able to be fueled by oil, propane, natural gas and electricity. As still seen today, smaller buildings such as apartments used recessed electric or wall-mounted heaters.

Thanks to our ancestors, keeping warm has never been easier. Modern home heating systems are efficient, quiet and automated. No matter what heating system you choose to use, regular maintenance is key in optimizing your family’s comfort this holiday season. MoreVent has you covered for all of your heating needs. Call us at 1-610-257-7702 to schedule service today!

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