September 21, 2018

Tips for Saving Energy During the Fall

September is here, so that means fall is near. As we move from summer to fall, there are several ways to take advantage of the milder temperatures and save money on energy bills. And since heating and cooling bills account for more than half the energy use in our homes, every little bit helps.
Below are some ways you can save energy (and money) during this seasonal transition.
Fall energy savings checklist

  • Change ceiling fan rotation – If you have ceiling fans, change the rotation of the blades to clockwise so that they’re blowing air downward. This helps redirect the warm air that naturally wants to rise.
  • Open the windows – As the weather outside gets cooler, open your windows during the day to let in the fresh air e and allow you to keep your heating and cooling system turned off. As the temperatures drop, open your blinds and curtains in the daytime to let the sun heat your home, then close them at night to keep heat from escaping.
  • Seal leaks – Speaking of heat escaping, fall is a good time to check all the seals on your windows and doors. The heat of summer and regular wear and tear may have caused them to shrink or crack, so now is a good time to replace them or repair them with fresh caulking.
  • Adjust the thermostat – Make thermostat adjustments as needed as the temperatures start to cool off. If you don’t have one, consider installing a programmable thermostat so you can set it to automatically change temperature settings at different times throughout the day. Not only is it convenient, but it also saves you money on your utility bills!
  • Change your air filters – The beginning of each season is a good reminder that it’s time to change your air filters. Dirty filters lead to less energy efficiency and, of course, dirty air. If not cleaned, dirty filters can eventually lead to system failures.
  • Beef up your insulation – Make sure you have enough insulation in your attic (thickness should measure 7 inches for fiberglass or 6 inches for cellulose). Cover exterior water pipes with heat tape and wrap insulation around your water heater to help it retain hot water longer.
  • Install a humidifier – Proper moisture in the air will make it feel comfortable at lower temperatures. Plus, it’ll help combat dry skin and nasal passages!
  • Schedule Precision Tune-up for your heating system – This is a great time to have us come and inspect your HVAC system and make sure everything’s in order. Beat the winter rush – and head off any nasty cold-weather surprises – by having your equipment regularly maintained.

Help control your fall utility bills with these easy tips and tricks. And if you’re heating system isn’t quite ready for the cooler temps, we can help. Call us or schedule your next appointment online!

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