December 10, 2015

Warnings About Cheap Furnace Tune-Ups

I always caution clients to be concerned about companies that offer extremely low-cost options for heating tune-ups. When you see specials for forty-nine or fifty-nine bucks, are you truly getting a full furnace tune-up and inspection? Probably not.
Why so cheap?
I’m not saying that all lower cost options are bad, but when you those cheap deals, it’s usually a company that’s going through a slow period and one that’s trying to drum up new business. They’ll come in your house looking for repair opportunities and might even tell you that your system needs to be replaced.
They also might just look at your system, change the filter, and tell you everything is okay, when it might need a little bit more work. Very rarely do we ever find companies that actually send technicians into your home at those low-cost options and provide a heating tune-up per manufacturer’s specifications.
What IS a true heating tune-up?
First, we check the calibration of your thermostat. We also need to check all the electrical components within the furnace and take the burners of out of your system to clean them.
We’ll check that your gas pressure is proper and perform a complete safety inspection, as well as a combustion analysis, to ensure that your system is running safely and efficiently. If a company isn’t doing ALL of these things, then don’t bother. You’re really just paying for a filter change.
What if I skip my tune-up?
When tune-ups are not performed in a proper manner, we tend to see high levels of unexpected breakdowns. It’s the middle of the winter, and a client calls to say they had a tune-up, but the furnace isn’t working. We go out and find that the furnace is in really poor condition and sometimes needs to be replaced.
It’s a complete shock because the client thinks they had a furnace and safety inspection, when all they really got was that filter change. Don’t be fooled by the cheap deal- you get what you pay for! Call MoreVent to get on our Club Membership. We’ll do a full heating tune-up and safety inspection before the cold hits.

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