November 29, 2018

Why More Women Should Work in HVAC

The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) industry is beginning to realize that female staff members bring much-needed skills to their companies. In turn, more women are joining and thriving in the HVAC industry.
Women are detail-oriented and careful—a vital skill set when it comes to maintaining systems, handling finances, communicating with customers, and so many other jobs that come with running a business.
Does that sound like you? If yes, then take a look at our list of why you should make the move to HVAC:
HVAC is Secure
Women are highly sought after in the HVAC industry. Angie Snow, vice president and co-owner of Western Heating & Air Conditioning, recently discussed the opportunities offered to her current staff, saying, “We hired another female tech about a year and a half ago, and, funny enough, a lot of our competitors are continuously trying to recruit them from us.”
There are plenty of jobs for the taking. The majority of HVAC technicians are employed full-time and keep up a steady pace of work throughout the year. To top it all off, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports an average yearly salary of $47,080.
Opportunities Are Endless
The HVAC industry offers plenty of opportunities for work. Women are becoming technicians, taking over family businesses, and starting companies of their own. Unsure of where to start looking for your next job? MoreVent sits in an enviable location at #6 on the Best States to Work in HVACR.
The Future Is Bright
The HVAC industry is growing at a rapid pace—so rapid, in fact, that it’s projected to reach $120 billion by 2022. The ratio of women in the industry is also growing. Companies seek women to bring their skills and experiences into roles as technicians, engineers, distributors, salespeople, office managers and other rewarding professions in the HVAC industry.
Are you excited about joining other women in the booming HVAC industry? MoreVent is excited to welcome you to the team. Take a look at our Careers Page for current job openings.

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