March 24, 2015

4.5 HVAC Service Provider Trust Indicators

Choosing an HVAC service provider isn’t easy – particularly when you’re shivering from a furnace break down or suffering through a heat wave. There are so many providers to consider and so many places to gather information, read reviews and peruse fine print.
All of this information overload leads to a lot of questions: Is this company trustworthy? How do they handle complaints? What about their warranties and service guarantees? The company itself may be reputable, but what about the individual technicians? Are you going to be able to trust them in your home?
Fortunately, selecting the right company doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are four and a half key indicators of trustworthiness to help you identify the best HVAC service provider for your needs:

1. They Prove Technician Credibility And Safety

Choosing the right HVAC maintenance service is about more than just the cheapest price or fastest service time – it all comes down to the individual technician who’s entering your home. If you aren’t able to trust your technician to do the job correctly or treat your home respectfully, then you shouldn’t hire him.
Research potential service providers on how they train their staff members. Employees should have at least 100 hours of training per year to ensure they stay ahead of changes in HVAC technology, building codes and state regulations.
Also verify if technicians are given background checks. All background checks should be nationwide and not just in the state where the technician is currently working.

2. They Have An Effective Warranty Length

In the HVAC services industry, a one-year warranty is subpar at best. At the time of a repair (when you’re uncomfortably shivering or sweating), a one-year warranty might seem like a long time, but are you really using that HVAC unit throughout the year or just for a season?
For example, if your air conditioner breaks during the beginning of summer and you get a one-year warranty on the replacement, then the next summer you won’t have a warranty. If the repair was shoddy, you might be calling around for another AC fix before you know it.
With a two-year warranty, you use the system for at least two full seasons. This level of warranty ensures you that the HVAC service provider does quality, long-lasting work.

3. They Have A Full Parts And Labor Program

An HVAC parts and labor program involves a regular monthly subscription that covers all HVAC service repairs. A quality program should save you money on emergency repairs and ensure consistent comfortable temperatures through proactive HVAC maintenance.
A full parts and labor program keeps your HVAC service provider accountable, because they are responsible for 100% of all repairs and replacements. With a parts and labor program, it is in their best interest to do the job right the first time or risk losing money in the long run.
Avoid companies that don’t offer a full parts and labor program. For those that do, make sure they don’t have a per-incident repair limit of $700 or less – such plans aren’t saving you money. Finally, if they only offer discounts on future repairs, then they don’t have the incentive to do the job right the first time.

4. They Offer A Money-Back Guarantee

HVAC units are a huge investment. When you hand over your payment, you need to be 100% satisfied with the work that was done. Reputable HVAC service providers recognize this need and offer an appropriate guarantee.
If you’re not 100% satisfied, then they should re-do the repair or installation or refund 100% of your investment. Companies that don’t have a money-back guarantee lack the motivation for high-quality work – meaning you’ll likely have to make another call for additional repairs down the road.
Avoid companies that don’t offer a satisfaction guarantee and rest assured that your HVAC maintenance investment is worth every penny.

BONUS: 4.5 They Have Outside Confirmation Of Quality Work

Don’t just take a company’s word about their heating and air conditioning work. Instead, let an outside source, such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB), confirm that they have a clean record, no outstanding complaints and a trustworthy past.
Click here to find your HVAC service provider in the BBB Accredited Business Directory. If they’re not listed, then they probably aren’t trustworthy.
Selecting an HVAC service provider that best fits your needs requires some research. However, keeping these four and a half trust factors in mind, your search should be narrowed considerably. With the right company on your side, your long, uncomfortable waits for HVAC repairs are a thing of the past.

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