March 24, 2015

How An Unplanned Furnace Repair Steals Your Holiday Cheer

Winter storms have already started rolling in, and you’re worried. You think your heater might need a tune-up (or even a replacement), but with all the bustle of the holidays, a furnace repair is probably the last thing on your list.
The bad news is you might have to cancel your holiday party when your home doesn’t have any heat. When your HVAC system breaks down, the “most wonderful time of the year” doesn’t seem so great.
Don’t let an unplanned furnace repair steal your holiday cheer. Instead, avoid these heating “Bah, humbugs!” by planning ahead this year:

Everyone’s On Holiday

Most HVAC problems aren’t detected until evening, when temperatures drop and you arrive home from work. Yet, most heater service companies are only open from 8-5 on weekdays. By the time you’re calling around for furnace repair, most companies aren’t answering the phone.
Keep Cozy Tip: Consider a heating repair service provider that gives you more time by working with your busy schedule and is open extended hours for your convenience.

More Costly Repairs

If they do answer the phone, most HVAC service providers charge you more for after-hour or emergency services. Costs could be as high as 20-50% higher during weekend or holiday hours. Nothing says “Grinch” like a gouged heater repair bill.
Keep Cozy Tip: Look for a furnace repair company that offers the same rate regardless of what day or time you need your heating unit serviced, and keep the extra cash you save for stuffing stockings.

Parts Not Available

During an evening or weekend furnace repair, the right part for your heating system might not be available until the next business day because most supply houses are closed. That means another night in the cold if you’re not prepared.
Keep Cozy Tip: Rely on a heater service company that keeps 92% of all furnace parts in stock – just in case Santa doesn’t have any on hand – to make your holiday furnace repair merry and bright.

Less Reliable Service

Most HVAC companies don’t have their best technicians’ available on-call. So, if you do get heating repair service after hours, your technician might not have the right mix of expertise and experience. Plus, when a technician works longer hours, he’s more likely to make mistakes.
Keep Cozy Tip: Only use a heater repair provider that provides you with all of your technician’s credentials and reviews – even before he shows up at your door.
So how do you plan ahead and avoid finding your furnace on the “naughty” list this holiday season? Simply consider these steps:

1. Don’t Ignore Warning Signs

Any of the following may indicate you’re ready for a furnace repair in the near future:

  • An increase in your heating or gas bill
  • The need to raise your thermostat’s temperature to maintain the same level of comfort
  • Any strange noises or smells coming from your furnace
  • Or any of these furnace replacement tracking tips

2. Get A Furnace Tune-Up

A proper furnace tune-up from a professional HVAC company keeps your furnace running strong all season long. While the technician is working, he should be able to confirm a need for any repairs or for a replacement unit – before you have to reschedule that holiday party.
Be sure to schedule a pre-holiday season furnace tune-up if your system is over 12 years old, since it may need to be replaced entirely. Also, steer clear of low-cost offers, as cheap tune-ups are much less likely to keep your unit running smoothly the whole season long.
It’s cold outside – so don’t let an unplanned furnace repair keep you from singing “Let It Snow!” all season long. Act today by planning for a furnace tune-up or scheduling your HVAC repair appointment right away. To your heating system – and your home’s comfort – those are tidings of comfort and joy.

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