May 7, 2018

Beat Seasonal Allergies with the Right Air Filter for Your Home

Spring is here in Pennsylvania, and unfortunately, that means allergies are here, too. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, you know how irritating they can be, especially when you go outside. But if you notice your symptoms continuing once you come inside the house, you might need to check your air filter.
The primary job of most air filters is to protect your equipment from debris and dust particles and keep them from circulating through the system and into the air. Basic filters help keep the dust level down, but they’re not designed to filter out things like pet dander, bacteria, and smoke. These can get circulated through your ductwork and into your house.
There are plenty of air filter options for your HVAC system, so you can keep your home’s air clean and allergen-free.


Most people use generic filters for their home. While they are inexpensive, they may not trap as much of the dust and bacteria in your home. If you can see through it, then that means it’s easy for contamination particles to go right through it.
Pleated filters are a little more expensive than generic filters, but they are able to catch more of the air contaminants than a generic filter, because of its creased design. It can keep plenty of contaminants out of your system, which will extend the life of it.
HEPA filters are generally used in schools and hospitals because they’re great at filtering out germs, bacteria and viruses. Even though they are the highest quality air filter, they are still relatively inexpensive. But, if they are not maintained regularly, airflow can be restricted.
If your allergies are bothering you inside and outside, an air filter change might be the solution. Contact us today to learn about the air filters that we offer, and schedule your next service call online!

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