May 18, 2018

The Importance of Regular Maintenance

If you have a car, you know regular maintenance is important. Oil changes, tune-ups and tire fixes are all imperative to the life of your car. But, just like a routine oil change or 10,000-mile tune-up for your car, maintenance is necessary to keep your home’s HVAC system running at peak performance and to prevent problems and breakdowns.
Homeowners usually think routine maintenance will cost a lot of money, but really, it’s the opposite. If you wait until there is something wrong with your unit, you can end up with a big repair bill, all for something that could’ve been prevented with regular maintenance.


You might think you don’t need maintenance if your unit is working fine. But, there are a lot of good reasons to get routine maintenance, even if your system seems to be doing okay:
• Your unit becomes less efficient over time as it accumulates dust, dirt and rust.
• Most manufacturers require regular maintenance to keep the warranty valid.
• The life of your unit can be extended 3-5 years with routine maintenance.
• Inspecting blower components during regular maintenance increases efficiency of the unit and comfort in your home.


A lot of work goes into a maintenance check on your unit. After cleaning up the unit and making sure it’s free from dust and dirt, our techs will do the following:

  1. Level and Calibrate Thermostat
  2. Check Compressor Amps
  3. Check Fan Motor Amps
  4. Check Capacitor(s)
  5. Test Refrigerant Circuit
  6. Verify Super Heat/Sub Cooling
  7. Tighten Wire Connections
  8. Check Condition of Coil Fins
  9. Clean Outdoor Coil
  10. O-ring Schrader Caps
  11. Tighten Lugs in Disconnect
  12. Tighten Lugs on Circuit Breakers
  13. Verify Breaker Condition
  14. Check Condensing Unit Level
  15. Check insulation on Line Set
  16. Clean Evaporator Coil
  17. Clean Drain Lines
  18. Clean Condensate Pump
  19. Check TXV Bulb Placement
  20. Check Drain Pan
  21. Check Fan Speed
  22. Check and Calibrate Temperature Drop
  23. Clean & Wax Outdoor Unit
  24. Change/Clean Filter (Standard Size)
  25. Check Low Voltage Wire Condition

We recommend two tune-ups each year, one for your air conditioner and one for your furnace. With a maintenance agreement, these tune-ups and regular maintenance and repairs are offered at a discount and backed by a warranty.
With a MoreVent Precision Tune-up, you can avoid costly repairs to your unit and save money on your heating and cooling costs. If it’s time for your regular maintenance check, schedule your next service call today!

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