January 1, 2018

Beat Winter Dryness with a Humidifier

In our area of the country, humidifiers are almost a necessity. Running a heater dries your home and the best way to combat it is installing a humidifier on the system.
During the winter months, our wood furnishings, wood floors, and houseplants typically take any excess humidity in the home. Because of this lack of humidity, homeowners wake up with dry noses and mouths, headaches and sinus issues.
The most important part of installing a home humidifier system is sizing it properly. We’ve had clients say they’ve had humidifiers installed by other companies in the past, and they didn’t notice any difference in their homes. That’s usually because it wasn’t sized properly, installed properly, or both.
A conventional humidifier will work for a home that is anywhere from 1,500 to 2,000 square feet. Steam humidifiers do a phenomenal job for larger houses. The steam is light, so it’s able to travel through the home more efficiently.
If you’re considering a humidifier, the best thing to do is have one our technicians out to your home to assess the space and offer recommendations. We can help make you and your family much more comfortable throughout the winter season.
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