January 2, 2018

Don’t Trust a Carbon Monoxide Detector: Get a Furnace Tune-Up

A heater inspection before winter is critical for the safety of your system and your family.
You might see some advertisements for really low-priced heating tune-ups, but those don’t often include a full combustion analysis, which will test the integrity of your system. You need a company to come out and do a full tune-up and safety inspection.
We have to make sure your system is burning properly and that there are no breaches within the heat exchanger. All of the gas created from combustion in your system is captured by the heat exchanger. It gets collected there, and a draft inducer motor pumps the exhaust out of your home.
If there’s a breach between the heat exchanger and the air path, it could result in the production of carbon monoxide. Once it’s in the air path, it can get into your living space. The problem with off-the-shelf carbon monoxide detectors is that they don’t detect low levels. Your system may already be producing it, and you just don’t know it.
When you have an inspection from MoreVent, we’re able to detect if there’s a breach in your system that could lead to carbon monoxide. If we find an issue, it’s highly recommended that you either repair the heat exchanger by replacing the component, or replace the entire system.
Running your system with a breach is extremely unsafe. Call MoreVent at 1-610-257-7702 and let us ensure that your furnace is running properly for the winter season.

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