December 29, 2016

Finding the Right Filters

If you go into a big box store, you’ll find dozens and dozens of different filters. The problem with choosing one of them at random is you don’t know what type of airflow your system requires.
As filters get denser, they restrict more airflow. Your system has a specific amount of airflow required by manufacturer’s specifications. If it doesn’t get that amount, you may find your air conditioning and furnace shutting down, or turning on and off repeatedly.
Having the wrong type of filter is going to create unnecessary service calls.
Before you invest in filters, the best thing you can do is have a service technician measure the static pressure in your duct system. At MoreVent, we can figure out what type of filter you need in a matter of minutes. The right filter will not only benefit the system, it will also remove as much airborne dirt and debris as possible.
Once we know the best filter for your system, we can enroll you in our filter program. We’ll send an annual box of filters so that you can change them on a regular basis. It’s kind of like going to a proper shoe store to get your foot measured; once you know your exact measurements, you’ll always buy that size.
Let MoreVent take a look at your duct system and make sure you’re purchasing filters that will keep your system and your air healthy.

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