January 5, 2017

New System Consultations: Why Do All Homeowners Need to be Present?

We often get asked why we like all homeowners to be present during an initial consultation for a new HVAC system. When it comes to home comfort levels everyone has different needs. Your spouse or partner may have a different sensitivity to dryness or humidity than you do. We want to customize a system that can fit the needs of everyone living in the home.
The most important day in the life of your HVAC system is the day you design it, because you’ll most likely be living with it for the next fifteen years or so. The initial consultation runs anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes, but that’s not a lot of time when you think about the overall life expectancy of the system you’re purchasing.
We want to design a system that not only fits your home, but also fits those living in it. Heating and air conditioning isn’t a commodity; it’s the heart of your home.
It either creates an enjoyable environment, where the air is purified and comfortable, or it creates a house you don’t really like that much. You may have hot and cold spots, or constantly feel uncomfortable.
Customers who have all parties present at the initial appointment are the happiest after their purchase. They know what to expect and exactly how their system is going to work. At MoreVent, we’re able to customize a solution that fits the needs of everyone in the home.

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