February 18, 2016

Is Frost on My Heat Pump Normal?

We get a lot of calls during the colder months from people asking us about the their heat pumps. It’s not unusual to see frost or steam around your heat pump during the winter, but if you start to see ice, it’s time to take action.
Heat pumps are a little bit different from a gas or oil furnace. They use the heat from the outside air to help create heat inside your home. As it gets colder outside, it’s not uncommon to see a layer of frost on the unit.
The heat pump will then go through what’s called a defrost cycle. It’s pretty loud and you’ll see a lot of steam coming off of the pump. This is normal. No need to panic- your pump is not on fire. It needs to take place. Depending on your pump, it could check itself for frost any sixty to ninety minutes of run time.
If you see ice building up on the heat pump and it’s not going away, you might have a problem. First, go to your thermostat and turn your system over to backup heating. This will prevent any future damage to the system outside. Then call MoreVent and we’ll send a technician out to see why your system isn’t working properly.
Checking your heat pump is part of an annual checkup from MoreVent. When you have a build up of ice, it could be low on refrigerant, the filters might be dirty, or it could be an electrical problem. It’s very important that you have annual maintenance done to ensure proper operation.

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