January 24, 2018

Water Heater Maintenance Keeps You In Hot Water

Maintaining a water heater isn’t something we usually think about. We all just assume we will have hot water. But the second we lose hot water, we all take notice! It’s important to
Flushing Your System
A water heater should be drained every year. As we run water through a water heater, sediment and debris falls to the bottom. The debris creates excess erosion, which could lead to a premature rupture of your system. A professional can clean out your system by doing a simple water heater flush.
If you don’t remove that sediment and debris, you could also create a scenario where your system is working a lot harder than it needs to work to heat your water. That excess heating makes the metal weaker, which ultimately leads to cracking or leaks.
The Anode Rod
Inside of the water heater, there’s an item called an anode rod. We call it the ‘sacrificial lamb’ of the water heater. All of the particulates and chemicals in the water get attached to the anode rod. Over the course of a year or two, an anode rod that was once thirty-six inches may shrink to only two inches- just by doing its job.
The rod neutralizes potential contaminants, which ultimately lead to the deterioration of the inside of the water heater. Once the anode rod is gone, it obviously needs to be replaced. And that’s something that, again, you’ll want to call a professional to do.
Gas Input
Gas input is another critical component of water heater care. We want to make sure the water heater is burning the right amount of fuel to do the job. We’ll check to make sure your water it not too hot and not too cold. We look at the burner section to ensure proper operation so you can maximize your operating efficiency.
Don’t get stuck with cold water! Contact MoreVent for water heater service to make sure your water heater is working properly and will continue to do so. We can be reached at 1-610-257-7702.

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