July 23, 2015

What Should I Set My Thermostat To?

How to set your thermostat when you leave the house is a hot topic around MoreVent. The best thing to do is to turn up the system just two to three degrees. Will it run more often than if you turned it up ten degrees? Yes, but it’s actually going to save you more money.
Once we pass that point of three degrees, we put the air conditioner in a position where it has to work really, really hard to get the temperature back down to where you like it. The first function of an air conditioner is to remove the humidity. If you don’t allow your air conditioner to function often enough, your house will fill back up with moisture and humidity naturally.
By setting your thermostat up two to three degrees, it puts the system in a position where it will come on frequently and maintain that humidity level in your home. That way, when you do decide to come back to your home and you drop it back down a few degrees, the system doesn’t have to work so hard to get you back to your desired temperature.
The same thing goes for turning the system completely off. That’s going to put your air conditioning system in a position where when you do turn it back on; it has to work extremely hard to get that humidity level down. It’s like driving your car on the highway versus in the city. You can consume a lot more energy by starting and stopping in town. But when you drive on the highway, even though you’re going longer distances, your miles per gallon tend to go up because you’re maintaining a constant speed.
We at MoreVent understand that everyone likes to save a little money on his or her utility bill. That’s why we recommend our Club Membership program. Servicing your machine on an annual basis is really the best way to ensure that your system runs efficiently. By having all the components within your system cleaned, it gets the system back to factory fresh condition, which will help keep that monthly utility bill as low as possible. If you want more information or would like to schedule a servicing, call us at 1-610-257-7702.

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