March 24, 2015

Why Having A Heater Tune-Up Is A Must Before Winter Arrives

Winter is around the corner. Before the cold weather arrives, you should schedule a heater tune-up. There are plenty of heater problems to watch out for, and the causes are common.

Common Furnace Woes

  • Your thermostat may be malfunctioning.
  • Unclear airways are trouble. Make sure there are no blockages near your fan motors or vents. These can cause the heater to work twice as hard and overheat.
  • Clogged filters affect indoor air quality. Change them often to make sure they are fresh for the winter.
  • If you’ve put off a heater tune-up for too long, it’s possible that a major part needs replacement.

Now that you have an idea of what could go wrong with your heater, learn how to combat the cold when a breakdown is inevitable.
What To Do When Your Heater Is Acting Up

  • Contact the professionals! Call as soon as possible. Your home may retain heat for a day or so, but putting off repair causes pipes to freeze and burst. And don’t forget to schedule a heating tune-up now to prevent bigger hassles down the road.
  • Fire up your fireplace. While waiting for your heater to be repaired, heat your home the old-fashioned way by using your fireplace.
  • Protect your pipes. You and your family aren’t the only ones freezing. Open the cabinets under the sinks in your home to keep your pipes from freezing over.
  • Prevent drafts. Place towels or blankets over areas where the cold air might sneak in, especially around windows and doors. Close your drapes, too.
  • Keep doors closed. Close doors to unused rooms, like guest bedrooms and storage closets. Minimize the space you are trying to keep warm. Also, open the doors to the outside as little as possible.
  • Stay away from the stove. The stove and oven might warm you up, and they probably feel nice, but avoid using them to heat the house. Doing so creates a fire hazard.
  • Bundle up. Pile on the blankets and layers of clothing while you wait for your HVAC repair.

Schedule your tune-up with MoreVent Heating, Cooling and Plumbing today! Heater tune-ups done right save you from headaches later on.
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