March 23, 2017

3 Benefits of an AC Tune-Up

There are a lot of $49 or $59 tune-up “deals” out there, but those companies are just going to look around and tell you what needs to be fixed. MoreVent offers a full, comprehensive tune-up that will provide you with several long-term benefits.

  1. Lower Utility Bill

We can dramatically affect the operating costs of your air conditioning with a proper cleaning. We’ve learned that a proper air conditioning tune-up can reduce your utility bill by as much as thirty percent.

  1. Clean System

Just because the air conditioner may not run past September, doesn’t mean it’s not still collecting dust. Dirt and debris is a major contributor for reduced efficiency. We need to get out there and clean it out.
Critters can also get caught inside the AC and prevent components from operating properly. This typically leads to a repair call, and it’s one you can avoid with a pre-season tune-up.

  1. Longer System Life

The average life of an air conditioner is about twelve years. With proper maintenance, we can extend that life to 13-18 years.
Make sure your AC works right the first through the last time you use it the summer. Call MoreVent at 1-610-257-7702.

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