March 17, 2016

Do I Need a Humidifier?

In our area, a humidifier is almost a requirement during the winter. Humidifiers preserve your wooden furniture and fixtures and, most importantly, help you maintain a high level of comfort in your home.
The general purpose of a humidifier in the wintertime is to add moisture into the air. As we run the furnace during the winter, we dry the air. We tend to set the thermostat a little higher than we need to, because dry air doesn’t feel cozy or comfortable. That affects our sinuses and makes our skin drier. A humidifier adds that moisture back and really helps live more comfortably.
Not having a humidifier can also affect anything wooden in your house. Wood tends to crack. So if you have wooden floors, cabinets and fixtures, it’s really important to have a humidifier to balance the air.
When you call us at MoreVent about a humidifier, we’ll ask you the size of your home, how old it is, and what type of heating system you currently have. Those three components directly affect the amount of investment you’ll make for your humidifier.
Years ago, there was a one-size-fits-all approach to humidifiers. Many times, people with older systems think they don’t really do much. Now, we can customize humidifiers and find the right size system for your home so that they really do affect your lifestyle.
If you live in our service area, it would be worth your time and comfort to consider a humidifier. If you have any questions or would like to meet with a comfort advisor, call us at 1-610-257-7702.

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