March 10, 2016

Furnace is Making Noises

If you start hearing noises coming from your furnace, it’s typically not good. It could be a variety of different things, but we recommend you call us for a check-up, if you hear any of the following types.
A Loud Bang
One of the most common calls we receive regarding noise is when there is a loud “Bang!” as the furnace turns on, and another one when it shuts off. That could be the ductwork expanding, and it’s usually an easy repair for our technicians to make.
Burner Igniting
If you hear a burner igniting, I suggest calling a professional immediately, so that we can check the system for proper combustion and gas pressure. That could be more of a severe issue.
Blower Noise
We also sometimes hear a blower that is louder than normal. That could just be the fan itself or the motor inside the fan starting to wear out. Shortly thereafter, you may smell something resembling burning. Give us a call.
Any time you hear a banging noise, or something that doesn’t seem normal, it’s always best to call a professional to come out to your home. It could just be that your system needs a tune-up. As part of our Club Membership, we provide an annual check-up that includes a full diagnosis of your system. That way you get out ahead of some of these problems, and avoid strange noises all together.

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