March 24, 2015

Keep Your HVAC System Healthy During Weather Changes

Fall is nearly here in Chester County, Delaware County or Montgomery County, PA, and the weather is constantly fluctuating. It’s chilly in the morning, but a little summer heat and humidity still linger in the afternoon. If your internal body temperature is struggling to adjust, imagine what the wavering weather is doing to your HVAC system. Learn how to combat the change in season with ease.

How To Get Your HVAC System Ready For Fall

  • Prep your heat pump. Replacing your heat pump is one heater repair you do not want to make when the weather turns cold. Take action now by removing outdoor growth, like branches or summer vegetation, around your heat pump. Make sure the air filter has been changed, and spray the coils down with a water hose. Take care of this upkeep by the first day of fall. Making an appointment for professional inspection is ideal if you want to prep for the weather change.
  • Have a professional check your water lines. Don’t let water freeze in your pipes. Many HVAC systems are attached to water lines, especially if they have humidifiers. Bursts in these water lines take months to discover, so making an appointment for a heating system checkup saves you from emergency heater repair in the future.
  • Get your furnace ready. You don’t want to wake up to an unexpected weather change without a properly working furnace to combat the cold. Change your air filter now, before you need the furnace. You should replace the filter every month throughout the winter to keep air flowing properly. Clean the vents, too. Remove vent covers and use a vacuum to suck out dust and debris. Then, use soapy water to wash the vent cover.
  • Turn to a programmable thermostat. During a time of year when you need a sweater to leave the house for work but shorts when you come home, your thermostat settings must adjust to keep up. Programmable thermostats allow you to set a particular temperature when you’re gone during the day and then warm up or cool down before you return in the evening. There are also smart thermostats that adapt to your habits and predict the most comfortable temperature for your home. Plus, these have Wi-Fi capabilities that make it easy for you to control settings remotely from your phone, according to the weather fluctuations.
  • Prepare your insulation to perform double time. If it’s hot, insulation keeps cool air in, and if it’s cold, it keeps the warm air from escaping. Update or add to the insulation in your attic, walls and floors. This saves on your energy bill and keeps the temperature in your home more consistent, regardless of weather changes.
  • Lower your AC. As it’s cooling down outside, keep your HVAC system from working harder than necessary. While your heater doesn’t need to be on yet, your air conditioner doesn’t need to be blowing full blast, either. Match lower temperatures outside with lower AC usage inside. Giving your HVAC system a break during weather fluctuations cuts on electricity costs and is environmentally conscious.

Transitioning your HVAC system to a new season saves on energy bills and increases the longevity of your unit. Get your home ready, too, with the Top 10 Fall Home Maintenance Hacks To Prep For The Season. And find out more great tips by liking MoreVent on Facebook.
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