May 7, 2015

MoreVent = More Trust

Having a high level of trust in the service industry is critical, which is why we at MoreVent strive to give you more trust than any other competitor in the area.
We are sending people into your home. And we make sure that the people we send into your home are the same folks that we’d send into our own. MoreVent takes great pride in the criteria we use to hire our team members. We begin by a complete background screening, which is nationwide. We then move into a pre-employment and random drug testing policy to make sure that person remains safe while he or she is working in your home.
The key to my house is available in our warehouse. Any one of our technicians can go to my home if I’m not here and service my house. The philosophy here is that they’re only good enough to service your home if I’d trust them in my own.
All of our technicians receive about a hundred and ten hours of training at our facility each year. That training consists of customer service skills, properly diagnosing systems, and educating or informing our clients of exactly what to expect, not only during their service, but after the service. We’ve learned that it’s pretty simple for someone to come in and fix a piece of equipment, but it’s really difficult for them to explain to homeowners exactly what it is that they did.
One of the most critical pieces in the whole service experience is our no surprise pricing guide. Our technicians inform the client up-front of exactly how much the repair is going to be so that at the end of the job, the client’s not surprised by a larger bill than what they were expecting. Obviously, the homeowner can either approve or decline the repair without any pressure. And we believe that that’s really a big piece of that ‘more trust.’
We actually encourage our technicians to invite the homeowner to the area where we’re working. We’ve gotten some amazing feedback from our clients on exactly how much more comfortable they are with the technician in their home because we allow the homeowner to stand over our shoulder. It gives them an opportunity to see exactly what we’re seeing. At the same time, it gives us a chance to inform the homeowner on how the system operates and all the safety features that they may or may not know about.
When you’re working with MoreVent, you get the trust from the beginning in knowing the technician is a highly trained and safe individual. You’re going to find out about the history of your system and know what to expect moving forward, which creates more trust. If you want to know what it’s like to work with MoreVent or have any questions, you can call us 1-610-257-7702.

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