August 27, 2015

Should I Cover My Air Conditioner?

We at MoreVent always get questions on whether or not a client should cover their air conditioner. We don’t recommend using the covers because they tend to hold moisture inside of them and that moisture creates a build up of dirt and debris on the air conditioning coils.
If you’re going to cover anything at all, we recommend covering just the top of the air conditioner to stop the debris from falling inside of it. Again, it’s not highly necessary because the systems are designed to stay outside and handle all types of weather.
If you do have a cover on your air conditioner, spring is a perfect time to make sure that it is taken off. If someone accidentally turns the system on before the cover is off, it could create a lot of damage for your system.
We also recommend that your landscapers keep the mulch away from the base of the unit. Make them aware of the wires and copper components that are connecting the system, so that those don’t get caught in the weed whacker.
If you’re concerned about debris falling within the system, you might consider our Club Membership program. As part of that program, our technicians will clean and vacuum out the inside of the air conditioner, getting that debris out of there so that your system can freely drain as the rain water gets in.
Our client service representatives can educate you on the types of memberships that we have, but the best way to really know which is right for you is to have one our technicians come out to your home and do a full cleaning. Then you can see exactly what it is that we will be doing for you every year. At that point, our technician can inform of which option is right for you.
If any of you have any questions about the Club Membership or want to get a technician out to your home, you can call us anytime at 1-610-257-7702.

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