April 14, 2016

How to be a MoreVent Technician?

We are looking for people with great attitudes. We know that if you have a great attitude, we can train you. Beyond that, you have to pass many tests and background checks so we know our clients can trust you in their homes. We have high standards for our employees, and we hold each and every person to them.
Attitude is everything
We only hire people who have a genuine interest in serving our clients. You have to really want to do a great job for each customer. You also have to subscribe to our training policy, which rounds out at about 110-120 hours annually. Training takes place on a daily and weekly basis.
Appearance matters
We’re looking for clean-cut individuals. Appearance is a big deal in our business. The homes we are walking into are our clients’ sanctuaries. We need to respect them by showing up and looking our best.
Random drug testing
We’re looking for technicians who will subscribe to our random drug testing policy. As a company, a percentage of our staff gets picked on a quarterly basis, and they have to pass a drug test to continue to be employed here. Make no mistake: we will test.
Background check
You also have to pass our criminal and motor vehicle background test. We take this very seriously, and each employee must pass these initial tests.
We are interviewing people every week. Because of our high standards, we don’t hire large numbers, but we do hire quality people. We are looking for the best of the best. You can trust our technicians when they enter your home, from a technical and personal standpoint.

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