June 18, 2015

Why is My Upstairs So Hot?

In two-story homes, the upstairs is often much warmer than the downstairs. It’s a very common problem. There are a variety of different reasons that may be, all of which
First of all, heat rises, so it’s very natural for the upstairs to be warmer than the downstairs. But sometimes the heating and air-conditioning system isn’t necessarily moving the right amount of air in your home. If you call MoreVent, we can check to see if all the ductwork is properly connected and sealed. This ensures that the system is pulling return air from all the rooms upstairs and that the system is supplying the air back to your vents properly.
Ultimately, the temperature upstairs is all about your tolerance. We have clients that are comfortable with a three-degree difference. We have some clients that are uncomfortable with eight degrees. Basically, if you’re uncomfortable, you should call us. At that point, we can evaluate the system to ensure that it’s running efficiently.
We’ll do a whole system and home analysis. It generally takes anywhere from sixty to ninety minutes to get those measurements. At that point, we’ll be able to crunch some numbers and perform a heat-loss and heat-gain calculation. That’ll help us decide what the proper solution may be for your home.
If your upstairs temperature is too warm for your comfort, chances are we can help you out. Give us a call at 1-610-257-7702.

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